Welcome to Yearone

The home of custom flip flops in the UK. From teams to one-off customisable designs, we can help you create your own.




First things first, let’s not get off on the wrong foot. Let’s start with introductions and bring you up to speed. YEARONE is a company born out of necessity and frustration with other brands. Suffering at the dreaded hand - or rather foot - of flip flop malfunction, we set out upon a mission to create a flip to end the mother of all flops.

And you’ve guessed it… one man’s flop led to some flippin’ great customisable products of our very own.

 Ta-dah! The rest is history.

We use a comfortable rubber and EVA sole, our soles have a white polyester material which is glued to the top of the sole. This polyester layer is dye sublimated which allows us to create detailed images which can then be  printed and pressed onto the material.  

We are building our collection of coloured straps so please ask for a specific colour when discussing your order. Our straps are made from a soft flexible PVC rubber.

As well as our stock black soles, we can make any colour sole you want to order although the minimum order is 200 pairs in your colour. Please contact us about this option.